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Jaipur’s finest shared office spaces

Jaipur’s finest shared office spaces.

The Pink City of India, Jaipur, has become one of the latest destinations of shared office spaces. Finding the best, shared office space in Jaipur is not that hard as the whole corporate environment of the city is now shifting towards this efficient working scenario. Coworking is an important corporate term these days as a lot of freelancers and entrepreneurs are adapting to this kind of working environment. Shared office spaces are just places where various working groups, freelancers, and startups can come and work like they do in an office. Such spaces are not limited to just one company or just one kind of work, the name itself tells how the workers here can belong to any field and work at the same level as others. Coworking has been able to destroy the authority levels in an organization as even your boss would be working at the same level as you in a shared office space in Jaipur. This city has become one of the fastest developing cities in the country and this is why it is a hotspot for entrepreneurs and small workgroups to search for a shared office space. This is why multiple vendors and lease authorities have already started renting out shared offices spaces to freelancers, startups, and others who want to work in a shared office space. Here is a list that can help you find the best, shared office space in Jaipur for your work:

Cowocoli Working Space

Cowocoli is one of the biggest names when it comes to finding a shared office space in Jaipur. They have been leasing out shared spaces to startups and working groups for quite a long time now and are located at one of the best locations in Jaipur, Vaishali Nagar. This office space has a traditional touch to the interior and the furniture here. This working space feels more like a comfortable traditional environment rather than some office. The USP of this shared office space is that it has unique traditional touches to it everywhere. Apart from the touch to traditions, Cowocoli has all world-class amenities for a working environment from a break room to an international level conference room. This coworking space is near to all public transport points and is easy to reach. A lot of startups and freelancers have chosen Cowocoli as their shared office space in recent years.


Qbicle is the office space you go to when you want a fully functional ready-to-move-in kind of shared office space in Jaipur. They have kept all the requirements of office space in mind and arranged the amenities accordingly. With biometric access only, this office space is highly secure and provides a great option to all startups and working groups. This space has a complete office-like interior with a designated break room. It is best for startups and small office groups as it has all the requirements of a headquarter to a startup. It is easily reachable through public transport and all amenities like Bank, cafes, etc are near to this shared office space.

Urban Excubator

Urban Excubator is a shared office space in Jaipur that allows various coworking community programs. This space has been created with the idea of promoting coworking in the city and nearby regions. This space has been arranged in such a way that it has a completely shared space for people from all the fields. Apart from being just a shared office space, this place also acts as an incubator for working ideas and accelerating services to various working groups by holding community programs, mentorship seminars, and startup idea sessions regularly. It is a great option for a shared working space in the city.

Glorious Coworking

If you are searching for a shared office space in Jaipur that has a modern and aesthetic feel to it, then Glorious Coworking is the option you can choose. This space has been decorated with trending workspace ideas and has all the modern amenities. It has a professional touch to it in every corner. It even has private cabins for people like the CEO of a startup. The furniture in this space includes flexible desks and even dedicated desks for specific work. There is a separate conference area and even a break room in this shared space. This shared space is perfect for small startups, freelancers, photographers, and even artists.

Cubicle Crushers

Jaipur has many options when it comes to getting a shared office space. Cubicle Crushers is the best option for you if you want a mix of imagination and reality for shared office space in Jaipur. The interior of this space has been designed to give fresh vibes to the workers. The best thing about this space is that it has an equal working environment for all the people that would work there and thus the segregation of various levels cannot happen in this office space. It has all the world-class office amenities and is located in one of the posh areas of the city. 


Jaipur as a city has always been attractive to a lot of people. With the infrastructure being connected to the roots while being modern too, there are multiple great things about this city. With the modern infrastructure, even the office ideas are evolving and this is why there are so many share office spaces opening up in the city. The above options are some of the best coworking spaces you can get to work in the city. The city of Jaipur is pretty large and it will still have multiple options one might not be able to explore but the internet can be really helpful in this venture as mostly all of these rented shared office spaces are on the internet. Coworking, as a concept has a lot of efficient ideas related to it. The idea of being with people from various fields and various working experiences can give a really positive and inspiring vibe. Apart from that, the thing that employees of various authority levels work at the same area is great too. All of this boosts the employee morale in a company. For freelancers, coworking spaces in Jaipur are a wonder because of the city’s magnificent vibes and then a lot of chances to grow. Thus the above discussion is pretty much sufficient to choose the shared office space you want.

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