Startup Nation 2020- Savior for startups in Times of Corona

Startup Nation 2020- Savior for startups in Times of Corona

In these difficult times of COVID-19, it is hard for everyone to focus on their work and productivity. But the best thing to do during this crisis, is to stay home and stay positive. To help startups drive away the blues of the coronavirus crisis and to build a strong foundation for the battle against it, the team of Cowocoli brings you Startup Nation 2020, a one of its kind digital event, that will analyze the present and post coronavirus situations and opportunities for startups to grow.

Cowocoli is a startup that creates highly invigorating and highly optimistic workplaces at numerous locations and provides all other necessary inputs including mentor support, industry-oriented trainings, investor connect, legal, designing & finance advisory support.

While the business community has suffered a setback, it is also a time for all of us to come together and ponder over the various facets of this crisis. Even during the economic slump that is expected to follow, there are strategies and course of actions that startups can look up to, in order to maintain a consistent productivity level. Join us in the webinar Startup Nation 2020 scheduled for Sunday, 19th April, 2020 and hear from industry experts about the crucial steps we all can take to navigate through this crisis effectively.


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There will be six sessions by experienced field experts on the video conferencing app ZOOM. The event will be held from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm.

  • #AfterTheWarfare- Beyond Covid-19: Mr. Mahavir Pratap Sharma, Mr. Anurag Maloo

  • Opportunities for Start-ups during lockdown: Mr. Zubair Khan, Mr. Anup Kumar Khandelwal, Mr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar, Mr. Amit Jain, Mr. Harjee Kapur

  • Governance Post Covid-19: Mr. Sumit Srivastava, Mr. Naveen Jain, Mrs. Mugdha Sinha

  • Opportunities for Tech-Startups: Mr. Nischaiy Pradhan, Mr. Dilnawaz Khan, Mr. Rahul Dronamraju, Mr. Mukesh Malik

  • Workplace and Employee Hygiene When Operation Starts: Mr. Sumit Kumar, Mr. Sheenu Jhawar, Mr. Shesh Paplikar, Dr. Varun Mathur, Mr. Akshay Kumar

  • Shift in Investors Approach due to this Pandemic: Mr. Divyansh Kapoor, Mr. Vivek Lodha, Mr. Sandro Stephen, Mr. Vinod Shankar, Mr. Vikrant Ponkshe

  • Early Mover Strategies Post Pandemic: Mr. Himish Agarwal, Mr. Abhinav Das, Mr. Paresh Gupta, Mr. Kevin Wilson, Mr. Shashank Randev

Our mentioned speakers are leadership coaches, TEDx speakers, angel investors, Regional Head of North India (Indian Angel Network) or a part of companies such as Codesign Labs, CarDekho, Kirana King, BHive Workspaces, AH! Ventures etc.

Our Ecosystem partners are Seedstar, TIE Rajasthan, Favcy, Headstart and NEOS. Some of our Outreach partners are Eventos Hub,, Startup Buddy, Marwari Catalysts and Startup Buddy.

Register for this webinar through the link given below. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation mail from our team.

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